Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I've decided to hang onto summer too by bringing the last bloomers into the house to smile at me all day!

I believe in Fairies

I've been making clay mermaid fairies - they're fun! Made with Polymer clay. I need to learn how to make the "crevises" darker - i'm trying with chalk right now.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Here's my batik project!! I did 2 when we were living in Thailand - and of course, bought all the supplies to continue doing more. That was 5 years ago!

I'm felting!!

Welcome to my felting room!!! Can you see the bed under my felting table? I give up my felting room when we have guests!!! I thought i would get a lot done now that school is back in and the kids were off to school today, but as you can see, "tinkerbell" (my kitty) thinks she can have me all to herself for "play time"!! This is the "before shot" of the scarf i'm working on - using silk cocoons and merino wool. I will post the finished product photo next when it's completed!


I was reading a local magazine that was touching on the fact that create people have what is referred to as a touch of madness. It was quite interesting and said how Van Gogh had been diagnosed with many "illnesses" but that he was most likely "insanely" creative! I think i experience that insanity as well, not only bcz i see everything in life in TECHNI COLOR but i have sooooo many mediums/projects/stuff that i want to do - that now i'm thinking that i'll never have enough time in 2 lifetimes to accomplish it all!!! All this before i go off to the Art and Soul Retreat to learn even more different things!! LOL. Here i've finally figured out how to photograph the chair that i worked on and get the pic into the computer (after 4 hours). My cousin is a wiz at this stuff and i wish we weren't so far apart so i could be at her door getting tutored! I bought these old chairs and then paper mache'd them with gorgeous tissue papers from France. Then i stamped on top of that, added some finishing touches and recovered the seat! i have 5 more to do - and i'm planning to do each one differently. I was going to do this to our dining set but was worried my husband wouldnt like it so i bought this one to "experiment" with! It really needs it's own spot as it kinda blends in to the room when i have it in front of the fire place. Need a bigger house, so i can "house" collections separately!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

summers over!

i cant believe summer is already over! I'm busy reorganizing my craft room so that i can get back creating!! I'm accumulated even MORE "stuff" over the summer that i have to add to the pile!! I'm looking forward to the Art and Soul workshops in Portland Oregon at the end of the month and then i'll already be into the Christmas Season! Time is moving much too quicklY!