Friday, April 3, 2009

spring wrap

This could either be a wall hanging or a wrap. The inside layer is made with silk fibres, then over top is silk chiffon and then merino wool, all felted together. It is quite heavy and would be very warm.

Spring Collection - skirt

I'm trying to make different styles of skirts. This one is in "panels"

Spring Collection Shawl

I did my spring collection in flowers. This was featured in the window of the gallery for March.

Jacket for Wausa

This is the back and front of the jacket that i made for Wausa for Xmas . Wabie helped me to get it stitched and formed.

making friends

You really wonder what they think dont you?

From Disney to San Diego Zoo

We had a wonderful trip!


I love Disneyland. We decided to take our 2 youngest girls on a family trip to Disneyland and San Diego Zoo. It was a wonderful trip. When i'm at Disneyland, the creativity that is involved in even just dreaming up how to create such a fantasy land amazes me. I could just sit in the middle and feel the energy spark me!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

finished room(s)

So this is how it looks finished!

New Living Room!

We did the living/dining room only - it took us a week.........

I'm back!

After our late Christmas i seem to be caught in a hurricane!! We've been painting and decorating so i wanted to share our results!