Monday, December 15, 2008

it's Xmas!

No pics to post. If i cant scan them, or find them already in the computer, then i'm at a loss still..... I'm not booking any shows or fairs for the first part of 2009 so i hope i'll have time to improve on my computer skills. My time has been busy updating my neglected home and preparing for xmas and company. all my girls come home for xmas and it's a wonderful time, and now Cathy and all the boys are coming too and we are so excited. We've had 10 below weather the past few days brrrrr! We bought a hot tub from neighbours that were moving and it's been so wonderful sitting outside on the deck in the hot water, with the cool air, overlooking the lights of Nelson village shining and sparkling on the lake water. I'm planning to get some Xmas prezzies made this week. I've just finished painting 2 bathrooms! One is turquoise blue and green with a sponged "wave" running along the walls. I glued plastic "bubbles" onto the wall and accented with blue and green glass. It looks like a spa!! The other bathroom is lime green with purple and has TINKERBELL border and stickers and accents!! I LOVE that bathroom! My purple damask wallpaper and orange damask wallpaper arrived, so i need to plan the living room, how to work the wallpaper in with the pink and purple paint i have purchased for it! We haven't had our own house for so long, i'm having fun "decorating"!!!